Sailing in Turkey

Sailing the 'Turquoise Coast'

Away from the crazy crowds of “tourist Turkey”, there are still some places which are only accessible by small boat. And of course, that’s where we go !

Our main cruising grounds are around the Datca peninsula - a stunningly pretty coastline, scattered with reminders of long-ago cultures. Although Greece is often termed the "cradle of western civilisation", Turkey actually has many more truly ancient sites. Step ashore from your boat and within a 5 min hike, you’re viewing the bay from the same amphitheatre as the local residents of 300 BC did.

And then there's modern-day fun stuff too - Turkish Baths, hot springs & mud baths - the lively waterfront nightlife in Datca - practising your bartering skills in the bazaars.

But best of all, we think, are the little out-of-the-way anchorages, and their very entertaining and idiosyncratic local characters. We’ve been sailing here for 15 years now and are pretty much part of the family - as a SeaScape sailor, you’ll be welcomed like visiting cousins too!

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In the words of our guests

"We loved that we can sail to places that you can only get to by boat. Little restaurants that are generator-driven and can serve up the most delicious meals. The water is beautiful, clear and warm and scenery was spectacular."Jacquie C via TripAdvisor

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Our Greece & Turkey Combo cruising area

Turkey - not so long ago the undiscovered gem of the Med - is becoming hugely popular as a holiday destination for northern europeans. The more well-known areas are becoming "touristed-out" fast - yes, the ubiquitous McDonalds is there already!

Happily for us on sailboats - there are still lots of hideaways scattered along the coast which have very limited road access. Designed to protect the sailing & fishing fleets of old, these ancient ports are now the haven of yachties looking for the more traditional Turkey and her people.

Some of our favourite spots include the ancient harbour of Knidos, once home to 10,000+ people. We can hike freely around the still-intact remains of the city and it's amphitheatres, dating back to 500BC. For a whole different cultural experience! - one can learn to belly-dance at the infamous Ogun's; try out the Turkish baths and more modern-day nightlife in Datca; lunch-and-swim in the beautiful pine-forested National Park - oh yes, and we do a bit of sailing inbetween too!

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A typical Turkey sailing itinerary

This is an example of a typical itinerary on one of Turkish sailing trips.

Day One - Your yacht will be awaiting you at 10am in at Leros marina, in Lakki. Leros is our home base in Greece, and a wonderful island to spend a day beforehand, if your travel time allows!

For those of you joining us after a week's sailing in Greece - you'll be transferring boats here. Once everyone has settled in, we'll be heading south for our first destination of Vathi; a relaxing downwind sail to ease those landlubberly legs into shape slowly! About 3 hrs sail time. sailing

Vathi is a dramatic little spot; a well-hidden and very narrow fjord-like entrance, opening up into a tiny fishing village at the head of the bay. It boasts one main street and a collection of houses scattered into the valley; an unexpected patch of lush vegetation on an otherwise very dry and arid-looking island. Vathi is the only place on the entire island that is lucky enough to have itʼs own spring water supply, and they use it carefully to cultivate citrus fruits, figs, grapes and anything else that can be persuaded to grow.

Itʼs also the home of Poppy's taverna – one of our adopted families, where mama makes the best homemade dolmades (stuffed grapeleaves) you'll ever taste in your life, and the swordfish steaks are out of this world!

Day Two - An early morning departure - yes, we’re talking sunrise here (it’s gorgeous out on the water, it will be worth it, honest!). A couple of hours downwind sail to Kos, the big “touristy” island of the area. Kos is where we officially clear out of Greece, which – Greek bureaucracy being as it is - can take a while. However, its only the skipper who needs to hassle with paperwork; everyone else is free to wander off and explore the island for a few hours; the 12th century castle, with it’s walls overlooking our yachts; perhaps visit the famous Hippocrates ancient oak tree, where he reputedly taught his medical students.

Once paperwork is cleared, we'll be sailing for Turkey and Ova Buku that afternoon. It’s a little, out-of-the-way village, which is not exactly on the main tourist map; road access is not easy. For us yachties, however – it’s a little paradise on earth. A rickety wooden dock, half a dozen tavernas, one shop and super-friendly locals. There's a lovely sandy beach, perfect for diving straight off the boat to cool off! A short 15 min hike over the hill and through farmland, is another long, quiet beach – for those with more energy to burn, there is a circular route coming back through the village; a glimpse into traditional Turkish life far removed from the tourism glitz.

What defines Ova Buku most of all is a wonderful little spot called “Ogunʼs Place” - our SeaScape home-from-home. A wonderful little beachfront taverna, hang-out-and-chill-out spot for afternoon beers - Semraʼs home-cooked Turkish food, quite different to the usual tourist fare. On top of this, there is the very fun and entertaining ambiance created by our young and lively host, Ogun, who often has a few practical joke surprises up his sleeve!

Day Three - Datca - A very fun little town! The waterfront is lined with bars and tavernas; great shopping for loca crafts & jewellery. Walking towards the beach, there is a tiny lake, with a surprisingly powerful “mini-waterfall” as it runs into the ocean; a very cooling massage experience. For those wanting to dance the night away, Datca has several lively bars and nightspots – and a “hamam” (Turkish baths) , to ease any aching muscles the next morning!

If carpet-buying is on your agenda - Datca is a great place to do it. There is not the over-abundance and confusion of the bigger towns (nor the elevated prices), yet still plenty of variety to choose from. Thereʼs also a couple of other interesting inland trips we can organize; visiting a local olive farm and a chance to see a very pretty old Greek town which was abandoned when the Greeks and Turks did their “swap” post WW2. Weʼll usually do these in the morning, before setting sail for –

Day Four - Sailors Paradise - a beautiful bay with just one little restaurant. There is no road access here, so everything comes in by little fishing boat, or else they grow their own produce in the surrounding garden. Great swimming in deep clear water.

For those feeling like a little aerobic workout - there's a chance to join the local goats and scramble up a steep, craggy hlllside - the views over the bay make it all worthwhile! In the wee small hours of the morning, a traditional wood-fired oven provides us with bread as fresh as one could ever wish for. Combine this with the local honey, and it’s a breakfast of kings.

Day Five - Keci Buku A well-sheltered hideout described as a “gem” in the Turkish Waters Pilot – and it truly is. A wide, sweeping bay surrounded by pine forests, with a fascinating old fortress perched on the top of an island guarding the entrance. A long, winding sand-spit extending well out into the bay gives the fun illusion of "walk on water" ! The little village just behind is Orhaniye, and just 30 mins bus ride from Marmaris, a big, bustling harbor town, should anyone fancy a few hours visit to modern-day “tourist Turkey” (bazaars with lots of great shopping!)

Day Six - Sail to Dirsek . Quiet and tranquil though the bay is, we're rarely lacking in evening entertainment! The local family here are a lively bunch, and impromptu dancing and game playing is often on the menu, as well as their wonderful buffet feast.

It's another anchorage with a fantastic hike up a goat track to a lookout point which spans the entire bay. Highly recommended to pay off some of those calories that you'll not be able to resist - more home-baked bread, straight from the oven. Accompanied with local honey and's all as natural as it gets, so must be good for you, right?? Bozburun crewed sailing boats in Turkey

Day Seven - Sail to Bozburun. This little village is home to a thriving wooden boat-building industry – all the old craftsmanship lives on here. We dock just outside of the town, on a wooden jetty owned by a family-run pension right on the waterfront. It is a shady, tranquil little spot to hang out in – their hammocks and sun loungers are all ours to enjoy too.

Our friends at the Afrodite pension will do a boat ride for us into town, or it's an easy 15min walk along a waterfront path to go exploring the local market and a variety of little craft & jewellery shops.

Day Eight For those leaving us here - disembarkation is 9am.

Our Afrodite friends can organise a transfer to either Marmaris for ferry connections back to Rhodes, Greece; or to Dalaman airport. There are two ferries per day back to Greece; approx 9am and 5pm. Dalaman is an international airport with multiple flights.

For anyone with an extra day they'll like to spend chilling out - the Afrodite also has lovely little rooms available.

For those staying on board with us for the return trip to Greece.... read on here.

Sail to Bozuk Buku A wide, sweeping bay which used to be home to the ancient city of Loryma. The fortress walls were clearly built to last! - they still stand guard over our cosy little taverna, which nestles on a small, sandy beach below. There's no road access here either, so it's very much a yachtie hangout; and another apparently sleepy spot that's been known to burst into merry international life in the evening!

Day Nine - Sail to Datca - Rise and shine early this morning! We'll be off at dawn, sailing back to Datca. It will be just a couple of hours lunchtime stop here, to deal with paperwork....then we'll be sailing on to the little village of Palamut. From here, it's possible to organise a minibus trip to Knidos - a major harbour in it's time, and home to thousands of people. You can wander round freely, no crowds, no gates, no guards - it's a real time warp experience.

Day Ten - Sail to Kos - A good run of about 25 miles, and we are back in Greece! And back to "civilisation" - Kos is a busy, bustling Greek harbour, popular with many northern Europeans. It's quite the pot pourri of ancient and modern. One can go sit under the same tree which (reputedly!) shaded Hippocrates'students as he taught medical class, many centuries ago; or wander around the remains of amphitheatres and the old fortress.

For the less historically-inclined, there are plenty of our day-and-age's entertainments - beaches, tavernas, "bar street", and lots of fun trinket shopping. Great place for a last night farewell party! Day Eleven Disembark 9am in Kos

There are multiple flights per day from Kos-Athens, and also direct flights to various cities in Europe. It is also easy to get to other islands in the Dodecanese, from Rhodes up to Patmos on a fast catamaran. Overnight ferries also go to Athens (takes approx 8-9hrs).

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Dates & Rates 2019

Our Turkey trips are generally 6 days, although sometimes we do 'combo' routes of 9-10 to include both Greece and Turkey.

If you would like more details, pls drop us a line. If there's any particular type of trip, group or dates you're especially interested in - do let us know, so we can send you the most relevant info.

Prices are per person, and in euros

9-10 days
DatesTrip Route6 Day13 Day
Jun 15 - Jun 25 Leros-Turkey-Kos (Photo workshop available)     1795  
Sep 29 - Oct 9 Leros-Turkey-Kos (10 days)     1795  

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Getting to us

The main international airport in Turkey is Istanbul. You'll then need a domestic connection to either Dalaman or Bodrum on the south coast. Flight time approx 90mins.

If you are coming from the UK or other northern Europe, you may also want to check out charter flights direct to Dalaman & Bodrum.

Flying in via Athens

There are also very easy routes to fly in via Greece. A short 50min domestic flight to Rhodes, Kos or Samos, then a ferry across to the Turkish mainland. Great if you want to add a little Greek island experience to your Turkish route! Check out our "combo" notes for detailed suggestions.

Our Turkish sailing routes

Our itineraries follow the Turquoise coastline, all one way so you don't cover the same ground twice! The rendezvous point at one end is Keci Buku (close to Marmaris); the other end is the Greek island of Kos. Connections between countries are very easy:

Bodrum-Kos ferries - twice a day, 50mins
Marmaris-Rhodes ferries - twice a day, one hour.

How to find us in Keci Buku

Our home base is a little harbour called Keci Buku. It is 30mins from the main town of Marmaris. If you are coming from Dalaman airport - it is approx 90mins bus/taxi ride to Keci Buku. It's one hour to Marmaris, then 30 mins onwards to Keci Buku; so if you are coming in early, a night in Marmaris is a fun option! We are often able to put folks together to share taxi costs; there's also a free Turkish Airlines bus to Marmaris.

If you are getting the ferry from Rhodes to Marmaris, it's a 30 min bus/taxi ride to Keci Buku. Again, we're often able to team people up to share rides.

How to find us in Kos

There are several flights per day from Athens to Kos; also overnight ferries (see Getting To Greece notes). From Rhodes, there is an excellent fast catamaran service, plus other hydrofoil and ferry options.

From Bodrum to Kos, there is a twice-daily ferry, approx 9am and 4pm.

Introducing our Turkish trips | A sample itinerary

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